Expand your reach and protect your image

Differentiate yourself with .biz. The .biz domain is second only to .com when it comes to business websites. Some businesses skip the .com extension entirely and focus solely on .biz, preferring to differentiate themselves from others with a distinctive domain name that says “business.” Others register both .biz and .com domains in order to appeal to a wider market or to protect their brand. Still others prefer the professionalism that a business domain conveys to the media, investors and public.

Why Choose .biz?

Security. .BIZ ensures that your domain name won’t be “hijacked” — and doesn’t make changes to your site until you say so.

Technology. Why wait up to 72 hours for your Web address to activate? .BIZ offers real-time registration, so you can open for business immediately.

Location. Now you put your name front and center in the business community, right where it belongs. That’s what makes .BIZ domain names so valuable!