Promote online safety using this recognizable TLD.

As tech relies more and more on virtual storage and cloud computing, the digital download has become an essential way to obtain data, services, information and software. But it also comes with certain risks – viruses, malware, and phishing are all serious threats to online security and can often be traced back to a bad download. The .download TLD offers a relevant and easily identifiable namespace that can indicate safety and confidence to a user.

Why Choose .Download?

Be a media maven.

Millions upon millions of apps, songs, documents and images are downloaded every day. If you’re in the business of downloadable content, you’ll want to attract and encourage interested visitors by registering .download domain names.

No surprises here.

Everyone is searching for downloadable content, from music to movies to software. If you want a familiar, recognizable address that users feel comfortable visiting, register .download and give your customers the all clear.