The Exclusive and Most Definitive Identity of the Global Hosting Community.

There are an estimated 32 million different web hosting options available, so there’s no shortage of choices for hosting customers. A .HOST domain name helps your hosting company stand out by adding unique and memorable branding to your online presence.

Why Choose .Host?

Why buy a .HOST domain name?

As a member of the industry, the .HOST namespace offers a significant value proposition for your hosting resellers as well as for your own brand:

Instant Recognition, Higher Recall Value: A .HOST extension speaks loud and clear about your focus and specialization, and significantly increases brand recall

Better Branding and Categorization: The .HOST extension clearly categorizes and identifies your business as a hosting company while automatically also lending credibility to your brand

Improved Search Marketing: .HOST lets you improve your search rankings allowing your brand better visibility. Cut down on online marketing spends and reduce dependence on advertising and search