For masters in any field

You might be a cooking ninja, a DIY ninja, a fitness ninja or even a grammar ninja. Whatever your area, this top-level domain is for you, brave warrior. The TLD .ninja is available for registration by anyone for any purpose. It’s suitable for naming sites that deal with ninja-related books, movies and comics, in addition to its countless other applications. Get yours today! When you register your new URL through Namecheap, we’ll include dynamic DNS support, URL and email forwarding, WhoisGuard privacy protection and more, at no extra charge. Our support team is staffed by the finest customer service ninjas in the industry, and they’re ready to answer your questions now.

Why Choose .Ninja?

The toughest domain on the web

Want a web address that hits like a flying drop kick to the chest? Sounds like you need a .ninja domain. While a real ninja could do backflips through your kitchen without you ever noticing, a .ninja domain name is not nearly so subtle. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s designed to grab your customers’ attention and leave your competition cowering in fear.

Of course, ninjas are best known as masters of martial arts, but these days, “ninja” is used to describe anyone who’s among the best in their field. It’s especially popular with those who have a black belt in technology, such as:

  • Software engineers
  • Game designers
  • App developers
  • Freelance coders
  • System admins
  • Online security experts