Showcase your .tech business

An established and functional online presence is of critical importance for the businesses and people who make up the tech sector. A website with an industry-specific top-level domain extension indicates a tech-savvy establishment that knows what it’s about, especially when the extension itself is .tech. The .tech TLD was created for technology-based organizations such as software companies, hardware manufacturers, research and development firms, and anyone who writes or blogs about technological advancements.

Why Choose .tech?

From software to hardware and beyond.

Many businesses have a love-hate relationship with technology. They need it to survive but don’t have the skills to fix it when it goes down. A .tech domain tells everyone you’re the one to call with technical issues.

Great for admins and coders, too.

Web developers, information security analysts, systems administrators, research firms and tech bloggers can also register .tech for custom web addresses that spotlight their strengths.