Expand your reach

With the rise of smartphones, the video medium is quickly becoming accessible to just about everyone. The .video domain name will allow individuals and groups within the online video world to share family vacations, holiday memories, remarkable human moments and much more.

Why Choose .Video?

  • Whether you’re creating a new website or you already have an online presence, .VIDEO is the ideal domain for creating a home for your video content. If you already have a video page on your website, you can register a .VIDEO domain name and use URL forwarding to redirect traffic to that page.

  • Video production companies and video professionals can use .VIDEO to create more specific and memorable domain names. Anyone who sees the .VIDEO domain name will associate your business or name with the term “video,” and will expect video content when they visit your website.

  • YouTube channel URLs are generated with random characters that make them difficult to remember. If you want to make your channel more memorable and shareable, you can register a .VIDEO domain name and forward it to your YouTube channel, or even to a specific video.